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Published: October 15, 2009 3:07 AM EST
By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

New Music Spotlight
October 2009 Edition

New Gospel Today Spotlight

Rodney T. Archie


Rodney T. Archie


Gospel Singer Rodney T. Archie has an amazing vocal range that makes him a powerhouse of a performer especially when he is singing praises about our Lord in Savor Christ. One of the best parts to Rodney T. Archie's music is the uplifting spiritual celebration that one feels when they hear Rodney T. Archie and his back up choir sing. Rodney T. Archie has also created a smooth contemporary Gospel flavor that still has elements of traditional Gospel music. In this recent spotlight with the talented Gospel singer, our Webzine finds out about the man behind the music in this Gospel Today feature.

Isaac: We'd love to know about your inspirations growing up. I hear so many influences in your music.

Rodney: Well, I grew up in a family in which I'm the youngest of 12 where singing was just something we all did. From my Mom and Dad to my siblings down to my nieces and nephews, I was inspired by a lot of different styles of music. When it comes to R&B singers, I like Stevie Wonder, Debarge and Mel Tormay. Pop music it was Michael Jackson and Pebo Bryson. But when it came down to Gospel music, I was the most inspired by Daryl Coley to me he was and still is the best male vocalist ever. It was his style his vocal range and delivery that kept me wanting for more.

Isaac: How old were you when you first discovered music?

Rodney: I was about 3 years old. My Mom would sing to me while giving me a bath and I would sing with her.

Isaac: Is there any kind of musical history in your family?

Rodney: As a kid, my mother formed a family group called the NEW DAY ENSEMBLE. Most of my brothers and sisters sang with her.

Isaac: What drew you to pick up an instrument in the first place?

Rodney: Well, in middle school, I tried to learn to play the trumpet but gave it up after a year. I also played to drums for a while for my local church but nothing could compare to singing.

Isaac: As you hit your teenage years, did you know that this was what you would be doing for the rest of your life?

Rodney: At the age of 15, I performed my first concert at my local church this is when I knew that this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Isaac: Is there a performer in any genre of pop culture that you would like to work with?

Rodney: There are so many artists today I'd love to work with, so if I were to choose I'd choose Donald Lawrance.

Isaac: Who are some musicians that you really like, present or past?

Rodney: Artist I really like are Daryl Coley, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Gladys Knight, Brian McKnight, John Legend, Eric Bonet, Beyonce, Tremaine and Hawkins just to name a few.

Isaac: What is your ultimate goal with your music career?

Rodney: To always be a well respected artist, to always place God first in my music lyrically, to produce the very best music I possibly can with excellence and to share my gift and anointing with as many people as God allows.

Isaac: What has been some of the obstacles it has taken to get this far in your career?

Rodney: I've always been a very humble person so I'd have to say my greatest obstacle has been me. I've not always taken full advantage of opportunities presented to me because of fear and thinking that maybe I'm not good enough. But I've learned to just do me ''Rodney'' and God will get the glory out of it.

Isaac: Would you recommend this "field" to others who are aspiring to be musicians like you?

Rodney: Yes I would as long as one can present themselves to God as a willing vessel.

Isaac: Describe one piece of advice you've have been given to by others in the music industry.

Rodney: Build a good foundation for ministry through prayer. Anything that's not birthed through prayer is destined to fall.

Isaac: What genre of music do you consider most of your music?

Rodney: Christian/Gospel.

Isaac: What has been your favorite piece of work?

Rodney: For now, it's my rendition of Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

Isaac: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

Rodney: You can find me on http://www.myspace.com/rodslyric.

Isaac: Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support or any last words?

Rodney: Thank you God for all your wonderful blessings.

Isaac: Final Words...

Rodney: Sure, I just signed to Jireh Records and my debut album is scheduled to be released in March 2010.

Official MySpace Website of Rodney T. Archie



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