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Published: July 5, 2009 7:53 PM EST
By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

New Music Spotlight
July 2009 Edition

Sapphire Rebellion


Sapphire Rebellion


Our Webzine is excited to bring to our online readers the fantastic sounds of Sapphire Rebellion. Their sound is a sweet mixture of industrial, goth, and pop music that certainly sets them apart from the average band. With a unique sound, catchy hooks, and strong vocals, Sapphire Rebellion has all the right stuff that music lovers will enjoy. Recently, we caught up with Tim Curry (Vocals/Guitar) and Jay Godin (Drums/Percussions) of Sapphire Rebellion as the two artists spoke to us about their music. Enjoy!

Isaac: What was the best part of 2008 for you musically?

Tim: Finding Jay. His considerable touring and performance experience have been invaluable in getting our touring logistics running smoothly.

Jay: Meeting Tim and Becoming a part of Sapphire Rebellion.

Isaac: What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment for 2008?

Tim: Getting "Worldwide" recorded and publishing it. Also, at another band's recommendation, finally getting on Sonicbids; it has been a tremendous help in connecting us with industry people and giving us the opportunity to make fans.

Jay: Working on getting the music together with Tim and being able to play shows.

Isaac: Describe the music scene in your area.

Jay: Tallahassee has a broad music scene. You can come here and see anything Bluegrass, Classical, Rock, Blues, Country, Hip Hop, and our favorite, Goth.

Isaac: What has been the best venue to perform at and why?

Tim: The East Coast Opera House in Wilmington, NC. Great venue, crowd seemed appreciative.

Jay: Every venue has its own Up's and Down's. But the one that sticks out in my mind the most is East Coast Opera House in Wilmington NC. This place is just cool.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

Tim: My list is too long. It starts with the "Beatles" and ends with the "Sisters of Mercy." They made songs that either made me want to sing along, get up and dance, or both. They made songs that you want to hear over and over again even decades later.

Jay: Trent Reznor of NIN. He is not afraid to take a chance on something. He is always just ahead of the musical curve, and he has a take no crap attitude. If you don't like what he is doing he will take his record elsewhere. Lately, Because of Tim, I've been on to Peter Murphy and Bauhaus. These guys just rock!

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry?

Tim: An act with a long-term view on marketability and entertainment. A band with staying power.

Jay: I feel we bring a new take to the Classic Goth-Rock/Darkwave. I feel we make the older crowd "remember when" and the young crowd open up to what influenced us when we were younger.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Tim: Oooooh... tough one... maybe "The Cars." They were one of my hugest influences, but I'm not sure what we'd do that wouldn't sound "Carsish."

Jay: Depeche Mode, Now spanning 3 decades and still going strong. I feel like working with these guys would be a great time. I love the Videos they post from the Studio and Stage; I'd love to be right there with them.

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Tim: Something like "Nitzer Ebb meets Peter Murphy..."

Jay: The Cure, Bauhaus, Gravity Kill's, Stabbing Westward, and Johnny Cash walk into a bar....

Isaac: What type of feedback have you received from fans about your music?

Tim: They seem to like it a lot. I'm surprised that different fans like different songs, and different aspects of the music, but that's kind of what our plan is: cross-over appeal.

Jay: I love sitting with the Fans after a Gig. Most of what I hear is great! People love Tim's Voice.

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Tim: www.myspace.com/sapphirerebellion

Isaac: What can fans expect from you in the next five years?

Tim: By then, I'm sure we will have found our bassist and synth player, released at least one CD, at least two or more videos, toured Europe, and either had songs "placed" in film or television, or been on the radio. Hopefully, we'll have some "club hits," those are always a nice "underground" way to get "big."

Jay: Music.... I mean, that's what we do, right? We are expanding our Tours every time we go out there. We are working on more songs. We are working on our Production aspect of things. We want fans to have a better time then the last.

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

Tim: "Hey, Blue Mondays and Nekrotomik people, and The Other Side Vintage!"

Jay: Emily Fulkerson for Introducing Tim and me, Mom, Dad, My Sisters, Kat Jones, Zan and Brooklyn and the staff at The Other Side in Tallahassee, All the Friends that come out with us on Monday's and Thursday's and the ones who can't, MeCanIKill?, Doc Hollow, Grey Market, Kristen Ford, Cruxshadows, Spider Lillies, Fantome, Keats Handwriting, Fallout in Richmond VA, All the Venues we play, And Of Course the Fans

Isaac: Final words…

Tim: "Look out, here we come..."

Official Website of Sapphire Rebellion



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