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Napster, LLC

Published: August 13, 2009 7:33 PM EST
By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

New Music Spotlight
August 2009 Edition

Sunday Wilde


Sunday Wilde


Sometimes an artist comes along who creates such a wonderful sound that music fans will instantly fall in love with what they hear. Sunday Wilde is that artist who has nicely blended several genres of music into a unique sound that promises to entertain the masses. What makes Sunday Wilde especially appealing is the fact that she makes music that carries with it soul, passion, and meaning. Check out this recent interview that Sunday completed with our Webzine. Enjoy!

Isaac: The best part of 2009 so far....

Sunday: Two days before I turned 40 (and the same week I lost my job), I received a huge songwriting grant from the Ontario Government to allow me to concentrate on a songwriting project called "Wailin in the Wilds" - a blues, gospel project on the stages of love and grief, which are often the same!!! This grant has allowed me to really concentrate on my craft, while allowing me to live.

Isaac: The biggest accomplishment of 2009…

Sunday: (ABOVE AGAIN). Also, in 2009, started in February, I drove every weekend to the next city (I live in a town of 3,000 people 2 hours from the nearest town) to record my second album - Broken String of Pearls. This was a massive undertaking given. I did all the recording somewhere else, some musicians from Toronto, whom I had to fly into Thunder Bay (Northern Ontario); especially driving on the highways in the dead of winter, can be risky.

But, I was focused and obsessed on getting it done by the summer. This was a big accomplishment. As I produced, arranged, did all the artwork, and it is now launched. I have done a massive international mail out as well, with tracks being played in France, UK, Canada and Australia. Without the Internet, I couldn't have possibly done promotion on this new album.

Isaac: Describe the music scene in your area…

Sunday: Where I live, a town of 3,000, the music scene is mostly one of development. As I am a songwriter, I do much of my work at home alone. There are a few venues to perform which are mostly coffee houses, and funerals. The music scene is much bigger in Thunder Bay (120,000) where I have the opportunity on rare occasions to play. Although I have performed around the region for the past few years, and completed a great tour in 2007 with just an upright bass player, where we had the chance to perform at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival 25,000 people attend.....which was quite exciting for me as I live in a wee town.

Isaac: The best venue you have played at and why.

Sunday: There have been a few venues that I have played which I love for different reasons. Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival was exciting because of the number of top notch musicians that I had the chance to perform with like Fathead, Nick Moss and the FlipFlops (Chicago), Washboard Chaz (New Orleans) etc. But Funeral singing is a real experience, as it gives the gift of music and emotion to people who are grieving, and enables at times them to cry (I'm Italian and I believe in crying) this is a gift that I feel is important. Although, funeral singing, no one ever claps. So it's a strange thing. House concerts are also a great venue as the audience is very captive. They have come to enjoy what you have to sing; offer, and say and they are always appreciative of getting to know you.

Isaac: Biggest influences in the music industry…

Sunday: My biggest influence in life is really many emotions that I go through and want to share with listeners. As a songwriter and singer, this is where I feel that it is really an accomplishment; when the listener is captivated by what I am saying or the song meaning hits them.

In regards to the music industry....my biggest influences have been singers like Ruth Brown, Bessie Smith, Big Maybelle Smith and old blues musicians. Others like Tom Waits, and old punk stuff has had an influence on my attitude but not my music personal.

Isaac: What will you bring to the music industry?

Sunday: I believe what I will bring with my music, songwriting and vocals is a range of moods in the music from joyfulness, grief, angst. And a real female perspective in my lyrics. As well as an intensity in my vocals that is certainly distinct, sometimes harsh and sweet. I am learning to utilize that dynamically. I also bring a business sense, as I own a business, and am very focused on what is needed to move this along, and learn while I am going. Many musicians that I have come to know, love the music part, but lack some of the other aspects.

Isaac: If you had the opportunity to work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Sunday: Watermelon Slim as he is the most intense blues vocalist and player I have heard today. I think our styles would blend really well. And of course Tom Waits. - Why? Because he is a true artist that blazes the trail so to speak. He delivers his material with a blues passion and blues based subject matter in an unstructured way, and so do I. So to work with him, I believe he would get what I'm trying to do.

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Sunday: Always a hard question. - "Born of the wilderness - straight from the heart" Blues passion blues subject matter but in an unstructured way, a range of moods and styles incorporated, full of emotion. A bit of jazzy sensibilities, blues from the gut, layered with pop/folky way.

Isaac: Feedback that you have received…

Sunday: When someone like Paul Osher comes up to me at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues festival...and says...just two words to me "You're good" and walks away....it was great. But fans, especially women, I find the music really has an impact. Some say they always cry when they hear me sing. Which is a laying out of emotion, which I always find good.

Isaac: Best locations online are…



soon at CD BABY.

Isaac: What can fans expect in the next five years?

Sunday: I will be completing my song writing project Wailin in the Wilds in the next year, which will culminate into my third album. I'm already in discussions with two possible producers, and seeking out grant opportunities to help fund it. I am planning a tour in the summer of 2010. And I have plans of working on collaborative projects with a few blues musicians across Canada which will hopefully turn into a fourth album in 2011/2012. But my ultimate goal is to tour a bit to Italy, so I'm focusing a lot on promo there...

Isaac: Shout out to fans, family and friends.....

Sunday: Without support tenacity and gumption, this would have never happened. Fans validate what I'm doing, and that its important so thank you, family they are there to hear all the whining, and friends stick with you whether you do something or not........they know more about you from the inside................merci.

Isaac: Final Words....

Sunday: Support musicians.....don't whine about the $5 buck cover, as you tip the waitress right? .........well they didn't practice for hours before they showed up to the gig. Thanks for your support Isaac, I hope you all like the music...........and that it hits you some kinda way deep inside.............email me if you like the music or join my fan sites.....Facebook, ReverbNation or MySpace.

Official MySpace Website of Sunday Wilde



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