About Us: Our History

Junior’s Cave, an online magazine, was established in June 2005 by Isaac Joseph Davis Junior, Mikael Linder, Shannon Faust, and Todd Withrow as a concept of what we wanted to accomplish. During that time, we were accumulating ideas as to what shape we wanted the magazine to take. It was formally launched on the Internet on December 2005 and has been a great success since its conception. Isaac-Joseph, who was born on October 19, 1968 and grew up in the seventies, has been a resident of the Golden Isles Georgia area for about 20 years. He has worked in various positions in the Hospitality and Customer Service field for many years. He enjoys spending time with his Family and friends and working on several projects.

Also, he enjoys his comic books, computers, education and traveling. Currently, he is working at Coastal Georgia Community College as the new Program Academic Advisor in the TRIO Student Support Services Program, a program for Disadvantages Students. He also graduated with an Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science from Coastal Georgia Community College in 1993 and a Bachelor of General Studies in Teacher Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2004 and Master of Business Administration from Kaplan University in August 2007 of this year. He worked most recently for New Roads in Brunswick. His overall goal is to make this online magazine as well as the hard printed version a success.

One of his ultimate goals is to Become Secretary of Education for the United States of America.

Another original team member includes Mikael who is our creative Web Designer. He has completely given JC Online Magazine its fantastic look. He resides in Sweden. Mikael enjoys computers, Stargate, astronomy, music, telescopes, having fun, and hanging out with his family and friends.

We believe the strength of this project is that it is tapping into a market that is developing fast; online publication. More conventional printed publications are moving towards the online publication for the inexpensive method of producing materials.

The main purpose of the magazine is “online services of information”. The magazine assumes a unique approach to reporting news, stories and information. The magazine engages its readers in the information that we present from an independent perspective. Simply put, we want our readers to feel like they are receiving stories, news, and information from a friend, family member or a co-worker.

Because this is our angle, the emphasis is put more on how stories that the magazine are presenting being perceived by the reader? The magazine is not trying to be the next Time Magazine or Newsweek or any other news magazine but our own face. We are not appealing to the mass but rather a select group of readers who are looking for stories, news and information from a “friend”. The main information, news, and stories come from spotlights on regional stories, new musicians, artists, filmmaker’s, authors, sports figures or any other rising new stars. In other words, we present information that normally will not appear on larger online publication that would be of interests to our readers such as local/regional happenings.

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  5. Press Release: “Confession” — The DOVES

    The DOVES tip their hat to homespun Americana, while maintaining their distinctive disregard for boundaries and categories with their own “trans-genre” approach, in “Confession”: a song which is both lush and spare, utilizing a dolefully sweet signature on synthesizer to carry its tale of longing and betrayal, given life by Wade and Trena’s plaintive harmonies.




    “Confession” is a nod to the couple’s early all-acoustic work together as The DOVES; echoing the melancholy lament of “Dirty Words”. It follows the more expansive pop-rock of recent offerings (which have been garnering radio airplay and attention far and wide: internationally —England, Wales, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, et.al; and nationally — LA, NYC, SF, Seattle, Austin, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, et. al. Please see list, below):

    “Shut My Mouth”, “Wild and Strange”, “Mirage” “The Fine Line”, “The Day You Were Born”, and “Pulse”; as well as the Brenda Lee-Connie Francis retro of “Why Did You Hurt Me?”, and the joyous gospel of “King of Kings”.

    “Pulse” MPK:


    “Mirage/The Fine Line” MPK:


    Please visit The DOVES website for the complete catalogue of The DOVES, links to videos, and music downloads.

    All the best,
    Wade & Trena
    The DOVES

    The following is a partial list of radio stations and shows that have featured or reviewed The DOVES material:

    “AudioStyle” with Joey Stuckey (Macon, GA, USA)
    “Studio 41” (41NBC WMGT ) with Joey Stuckey (3 appearances — Macon, GA, USA)
    “A Few Good Times in My Life” — Walter Hacklaender (blog — Munich, Germany)
    BrooklynFM (Wales)
    Radio Interdual (Monterrey, CA, USA)
    URock Network (LA, CA, and Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Radio Xencus (Ontario, Canada)
    “The Jim Santora Show” (NJ, USA)
    RAWDOGGTV (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    21st Century Artists (Hollywood, CA, USA)
    Baie Des Anges Radio (France)
    “Radio Crystal Blue” with Dan Herman (Tacoma, WA, USA)
    Flippin Tunes (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
    STRUTTER’ZINE/“My Global Mind”/“Cassette Culture” (print mag, international fanzine, website — Holland and USA)
    WCPR “The Loop” (Ringgold, GA, USA)
    RhythmQwest (Miami, FL, USA)
    WACC Radio (Philadelphia—Atlantic City, USA)
    Neocanta Radio (Ontario, Canada)
    Middle Tennessee Music (Nashville, TN, USA)
    Woody Radio (Norman, OK, USA)
    WKKC Pirate Radio (Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA)
    “Music Eye Reviews” (blog — Vilnius, Lithuania)
    PT’s Roadhouse (British Columbia, Canada)
    Georgia Music Channel (Georgia, USA)
    “Voices to Hear” — John Holland (blog — USA)
    South Waves Radio (Sussex, England)
    WBPT “The Beat” 88.5 FM (Chattanooga, TN, USA)
    Variety Indie Music (London, England)
    Jammerstram (Chicago, IL, USA)
    “Psychedelic Baby Magazine” (Slovenia)
    Front Range Radio (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
    KAWC (NPR) (Yuma, AZ, USA)
    KCFV 89.5 “The Wave” (St. Louis, MO, USA)
    “Hacienda Publishing” — Dr. Miguel Faria (blog —Macon, GA, USA)
    Indie Stage (USA)
    “Ice Cream Man Power Pop” with Wayne Lundqvist (Sweden)
    “Live4Ever” Music Guide (Leeds, England, and NYC, USA)
    Ardenn Cafe Internet Radio (France)
    INDIE 104FM and iRADIO LA (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Georgia Band Book (Georgia, USA)

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