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Embarking on a new direction with Junior’s Cave!

Welcome to phase II of our online Indie Magazine experience.  We are excited to return to the online environment with a new direction in how we are presenting stories, featuring spotlights, reviewing artists and entertainers, and interviewing some of the coolest folks in the Indie Culture. Check us out as we rebuild our connection with the  Indie Culture.

Junior’s Cave is an innovative online magazine that brings something new to publication and dares to be different.

The Opportunity

Junior’s Cave is an innovative online magazine that dares to be different. They strive to present information to their audience from an independent perspective. is based in coastal Georgia, but covers stories from around the world. The magazine features several forums that spotlight news and information from the world of entertainment, sports, and music.

Junior’s Cave is seeking to elevate bands through interviews, reviews, and spotlights. They would like to focus on the large pool of talented, gifted, and ambitious artists and entertainers who are dedicated to bringing their craft to the masses. They want to foster deep collaboration with the entertainers, musicians, and artists that they feature on Junior’s Cave Online Magazine.